College Counsellors


Lorraine Calleja – School Counsellor
Katia Galea Schembri – Counsellor
Jan Mallia Azzopardi – Counsellor
Alessandra Muscat – Trainee Counsellor
Jennifer Zammit Suban – Trainee Counsellor

The role of College Counsellors

The San Ġorġ Preca College Counselling Team is made up of Ms Lorraine Calleja the school counsellor and two trainee counsellors Ms Alessandra Muscat and Ms Sasha Farrugia. Our roles are as follows.

Common duties:

  • Actively contributing in counselling and support sessions with students through a referral system and carry out the necessary following ups under the professional ethical standards of loyalty, anonymity, autonomy, justice, beneficence and non-maleficence towards our clients
  • Panning and implementing interventions to make a difference in the students’ behaviour, academics and life
  • Maintain and respect conditional confidentiality
  • Meeting parents of students-in-counselling when necessary
  • Liaise and work closely with the guidance teachers in the college
  • Referring students to other services or agencies when and as necessary and provide them with information on a ‘need to know’ protocol
  • Preparing reports and maintaining records
  • Delivering talks to parents and staff
  • Facilitating transitions for students
  • Attend Case Conferences with other professionals
  • Attend training, courses and seminars to further our professional development
  • We form part of the wider college multidisciplinary team with whom we regularly and systemically network collaboratively in order to offer a holistic service
  • Attend monthly supervision with an assigned supervisor

Additional role of School Counsellor

  • Offering Guidance & Counselling services to students and parents of schools in the college
  • Offering Career support to students
  • Offering Support to Guidance Teachers
  • Organising college meetings for guidance teachers
  • Holding regular ‘peer supervision’ sessions with trainee counsellors
  • Conducting ‘Parental Skills’ courses
  • Talks to parents on various topics

Additional role of Trainee Counsellors

  • Assist the school counsellor
  • Offering Guidance and Support services to students and parents of schools in the college
  • Holding regular ‘supervision’ sessions with the school counsellor
  • Helping in the organising college meeting for guidance teachers